Flight Standards is responsible for the oversight of all operational and maintenance safety issues including: the development of aviation safety regulations relating to civil flight operations, air operator and maintenance enterprise certification, development of instrument flight procedures, publication of aeronautical charts, certification of pilots, mechanics and other safety related positions, accomplishing inspection, surveillance, investigation and enforcement of regulatory and safety standards, and managing the system for the registration of civil aircraft and airmen records. 

Flight safety services

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MCACG offers expertise in all areas of safety oversight for civil aviation. Our experts are familiar with all relevant ICAO Annexes and FAA regulations. We are partnered with industry leaders in the fields of operations, safety assurance, registration, licensing, and many others. 




Ben Castellano, Airport Certification SME

Mr Castellano has extensive international experience.  He is responsible for providing airport certification and training to Spanish Civil Aviation Authorities.  He was part of a review team requested by Singapore to review the accident report by the Aviation Safety Council of Taiwan.  He has been involved in the training of Chinese Airport Safety Inspectors since 1998.  He established a training program for the Chinese CAAC to be conducted at the FAA Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The program provides for classroom training followed by on-the-job training by FAA Airport Certification Safety Inspectors at selected US airports.  

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