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  • MCACG employs aggressive Program Management Professionals for internal project management and external coordination/liason services using Subject Matter Experts throughout the process. ​

  • By working closely with selected international clients, MCACG is a recognized expert in delivering best value solutions customized to meet client needs with proven industry leaders.

  • MCACG's hands-on GM/oversight role throughout the contract execution phase ensures the client recieves full value from the selected product and providers. 

  • MCACG deploys expert teams with proven experience and success working in international environments with specialization in conflict zones. 


• Provide expert consulting services regarding ICAO/FAA SARPS


• International safety and Security Standards

• Regional Development of Air Trade Routes

• ATM/CNS Technology

• Business Development and Financing for Airports and Airlines

• English language training to meet ICAO standards

• Documentation and Manuals

• Recruitment and Training

"professionals dedicated to the promotion of aVIATION safety and security worldwide"


Experts in ICAO/FAA Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS)

 • Experts in ATC/CNS technologies

 • Provide consulting services for
airport modernization and airline operations

 • Capacity building and new market     development

 • Industry experts and Management Consulting

 • Certification Procedures

​• FAA/ICAO Certifications

• Airport and Airline Security


Review and update existing civil aviation legislation and regulations

• Vulnerability assessments and informal audits of CAA regulatory functions

• Organizational assessment, training and management consulting of civil aviation functions

• Augment CAA workforce to perform regulatory functions

• Airport and Airline Inspections and Certifications

• ATM/CNS Planning for next generation ATC Systems